08 April 2015

M/S Batory

The "Daily Dairy of No.34 Operational Training Unit" (Yarmouth) contains the following entry: "The first echelon of No.34 OPERATIONAL TRAINING UNIT under the command of GROUP CAPTAIN A.C. EVANS-EVANS sailed from GOUROCK, SCOTLAND in R.A.F. Transport "M/S BATORY" p.m. 8th April, 1942, and docked, after a comfortable and uneventful voyage, at HALIFAX, N.S. p.m. 16th April, 1942. We then entrained over-night arriving at YARMOUTH, N.S. a.m. 17th April, 1942, the Officers being quartered in the Officer's Mess of the R.C.A.F. Station as guests and the senior N.C.O.'s and Airmen in our own portion of the Station."  The journal entries show that the Unit was established at Yarmouth from 18 April 1942 until 27 May 1942.
M/S Batory taken in 1936 at Hoboken, New Jersey (USA).
Photograph courtesy Cpl. Eric Leslie Lane (

Pennfield Ridge War Memorial Service (2014)