22 June 2009

Remembering Those Who Served

"If by chance
I am the one
I pray my God
I will have reached
My finest hour
Before my limbs
Are severed
From my body warm."
P/O Bayden Bala Williams (1917-1943)

"He (Bayden) never did reach his finest hour but seemed to realize that he was but one of many and that there will always be other young men rising from the earth to bring new life to mankind." (G.P. Williams, 1963)

P/O Williams was the sixteenth airmen killed at Pennfield Ridge and was among the numerous young aircrew students killed in training crashes across Canada during World War II. They all died in the service of their country while preparing for war and yet they remain forgotten heroes. They remain so simply because they died before their finest hour.

Since 8 July 2008 I have been traveling across Canada photographing the various military markers of the seventy-six (76) service personnel killed at the Pennfield Ridge Air Station and Camp Utopia. This is being done to simply honour these forgotten heroes and to continue the message of remembrance.

P/O Williams' military marker

This coming September 27th we will honour these seventy-six (76) service personnel; remember those who have since gone on to join their comrades in the sky and listen to the stories from those we still have with us.

Lest we forget.