08 January 2010

Celebrating Three Years of Military Research

P/O D.S.Cormack, P/O S.J. James and Sgt. T.M. Hunter disappeared off Point Escuminac into the Gulf of St. Lawrence 26 January 1943. Sixty-four years after the disappearance of their aircraft I began posting material online about the Pennfield Ridge Air Station. These airmen, along with the other 67 service personnel and 6 civilians killed at Pennfield Ridge Air Station, continue to inspire me to push forward with my research. So this coming Tuesday (January 26th) will mark the third anniversary of my first posting of material, not only on air station but Camp Utopia as well.

Besides continuing with our research in the past year alone we've also taken over hosting the Pennfield Ridge War Memorial Service and have recently launched the "Pennfield Ridge War Memorial Project" as well.

Here are some of the new testimonies:

"Thanks for the wonderful work you have done with your site."
Glenn Carson, s/o Cpl. R.M. Pearce, RAF, No.34 OTU, Pennfield Ridge

"I have enjoyed your site. It is interesting to find links to my father's past in the internet."
Alex Norton, s/o Sgt. A.J. Norton, Class No.39 at No.2 ANS, Pennfield Ridge

"May I on behalf of myself & extended family, thank you & congratulate you and your Society on the wonderful, laborious efforts you have achieved in keeping alive the memories of not only 'brother Jacky' but the many others that gave up their young lives to try and stop these power hungry maniacs who just seem to keep appearing at regular intervals, wanting to take over countries and the world."
Patrick (Paddy) Hogan, brother of Sgt. John E. Hogan (1920-1943), causality at No.34 OTU Detachment, Yarmouth, NS

"Once again I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for what you have done in recognizing David's efforts in establishing the "Pennfield Memorial". I'm quite sure it would not have happened had it not been for you."
Joyce C. Stuart, widow of J. David Stuart. Mr. Stuart was the founding member of "Charlotte County War Memorial Committee (2005) and N.C.O. in charge of The Orderly Room (office) at No.2 ANS and No.2 OTU at Pennfield Ridge Air Station (1941-1942).

"I saw your excellent website on Pennfield Ridge."
Wayne Sturgeon, s/o Cpl. Clifford W. Sturgeon, No.2 ANS, Pennfield Ridge