11 September 2012

Pennfield Ridge War Memorial Service (2012)

The memorial service was dedicated to our fallen Comrades, namely:  

Royal Air Force: Stanley Collins and Robert Williams;

Royal Canadian Air Force: David R. Adamson, Douglas Appleton, Lloyd (Dooley) Bunce, John Cooper, Robert H Fowler, Dr. George L. Harvey, Peyton Lyon, Eric McKee, Joseph Ouelette and Vernon Williams;

Royal Canadian Air Force, Women’s Division: Jessie Nason;

Royal Canadian Army: Wesley A (Skinny) Cook and Herbert L. Justason;

AND to all the others who have put their lives on the line to keep our country free.

Fog grounds ancient aircraft

Two vintage warplanes, adorned in bright yellow hues, were supposed to arrive in St. Stephen Friday.

Instead, any people interested in seeing the ancient aircraft at St. Stephen airport Saturday were greeted by an obscuring layer of thick, grey fog and overlying cloud. Those weather conditions kept the aircraft grounded in Saint John, according to Vintage Wings organizer Chris Cormier.

“We missed out everything over the last week,” due to the weather, he explained.

“They can’t fly in clouds or rain, or anything like that. They don’t have enough instrumentation on board.”

As of Monday, one plane had been sent to Ottawa, and the other remained in Saint John, to fly westward shortly. There will be no attempt to bring the remaining aircraft to St. Stephen.

“The tour is pretty much done,” said Cormier, with planes required to return to their home base in Gatineau, PQ for a weekend air show. 

He noted the Vintage Wings organizers are planning a 2013 tour, but none of the planned stops include St. Stephen.

SOURCE: The Saint Croix Courier (St. Stephen, NB) - 11 September 2012.