20 January 2009

Celebrating Two Years of Military Research

This coming Monday (January 26th) will mark the second anniversary of my first posting of material about the Pennfield Air Station and Camp Utopia on the Pennfield Parish website. At the time I started my research into the history of these two bases, there was no one else doing any actual research, and those that were, were simply taking credit for other people’s work. As one family member said: “...my father...had the idea that there should be something in place to recognize the Air base as he thought it played an important part in the war. He somehow or other got in contact with a couple of other gentleman in the area. For three years, they worked toward the creation of memorial that was unveiled in recognition of Pennfield Ridge. The whole affair in the end was quite upsetting for my dad, recognition for the project seemed to be focused elsewhere. It is my opinion, the chain of events is not accurately told.” My goal then and now remains the same: To pay tribute to those ordinary and yet an extraordinary human beings - people who offered some of their life's most vital years in the service of their country, and who sacrificed their ambitions so others would not have to sacrifice theirs. I’ve come a long ways in those two years and have the support of many veterans from the two bases. Here are some of the many testimonies:

"From a passionate conversation about my father evolved the passion we both share on this journey. My father, as so many others, lives because of your tireless efforts."
Brenda McNevan Ferguson, d/o Cpl. A. Malcolm McNevan (Ret.), bomb instructor at No.34 OTU & RCAF Station Pennfield Ridge.

“I have been looking for information and pictures on Camp Utopia, and was very happy to find what you have done here.”
Charrie Worden, d/o Skiffington A. Gibson - ambulance and fire-truck driver at Camp Utopia

“It's good to see that someone is making a strong effort to remember our veterans.”
Tom Tucker, s/o LAC Sylvester G. Tucker (Ret.) - an instrument mechanic at No.34 OTU

“Dad really enjoyed telling his stories and my parents were very happy to have you visit with them.”
Colleen Stewart, d/o Cpl. Colin Flieger (Ret.) - Camp Utopia veteran

“Your concern about veterans dying off is correct. Those of us who are left are running out of energy and time. So take full advantage of those, such as I, who are left before it is too late.”
W/O2 J. David Stuart (Ret.), N.C.O. in charge of the orderly room (office) at No.2 ANS & No.2 OTU

“I'm glad you are doing this because these people deserve all the honors they can get.”
Allene Goforth, d/o Pte. John A. MacPherson (Ret.) - Camp Utopia

“Dave Poissant has sent me a copy of the newspaper article you wrote about the history of the Pennfield Airbase. I thought it was extremely well done, and a credit to the tremendous effort you have out on the subject. Many congratulations!”
F/Lt. S.W. Shapton (Ret.), Course No.10 (Pilots) at No.34 OTU

“Thanks for all your efforts on this; I hope all the locals appreciate your efforts.”
Angus Cross, s/o F/L Fergus Cross (Ret.) - head of the Navigation Department at No.34 OTU

"Chris Larsen's name should go down in History for his recording of 'History', toward the end of all war!"
F/S Cy Poissant (Ret.), Course No.23 (Pilots) at No.34 OTU

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  1. I am pleased to know such an amazing & caring soul as yourself ! Your continued efforts and persistence will not go unnoticed, especially by those who take the time to really see that your heart lies with the Veterans and making sure THEY are the ones who are given the credit for the freedom they fought for, for us, so that we can live in a peaceful country. Again I say, keep up the amazing work !