06 January 2009

Introduction to the Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society

Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society (Incorporated: 28 November 2007) is gathering and compiling a detailed history on the Pennfield Ridge Air Station; Camp Utopia and Pennfield Parish veterans. Our archival holdings, which includes artifacts (Air Station, Camp Utopia, WWI and WWII), microfilms, photographs, etc., is continuing to grow. Our "Roll of Honor", based on our own research, lists seventy-six (76) names from Pennfield Ridge Air Station (70 service personal and 6 civilians) and six (6) names from A-30 Canadian Infantry Training Centre (Camp Utopia). The majority of these were killed in various training accidents.

Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society

Anyone willing to share stories, photographs, etc. are asked to please contact me at: pennfieldmilitary@yahoo.com

~Specializing in research since September of 1989~


  1. Congratulations on starting this blog ! It looks awesome ! I am very happy to be a part of your Historical Society and hope I can be of assistance, especially with the art and design part, since that is my area of expertise. Cheers and best wishes for 2009 ! :)

  2. Thank you as well, for adding my link to your links section, much appreciated ! <3