24 August 2009

Meeting with 250 RCAF (Saint John) Wing

On May 1st I meet with four (4) members of the 250 RCAF (Saint John) Wing to discuss upcoming plans for the memorial service in September. The 250 Wing have provided the colour party (flag bearers) for the service since its inception back in September of 2006. Therefore I see no reason to change this aspect. I again meet with three (3) members of the 250 Wing on August 23rd to go over the final details, etc. for the service and answer any additional questions they may have.

Terry Robertson, G Christian Larsen and Rob MacAndrew
standing in front of the Mollison monument, Pennfield Ridge, August 23rd

Today (August 24th) marks the sixth month anniversary of when I began preparations for this year's service. It's been a long and winding road but it's been a very rewarding journey none the less. To date I've been able to locate family for sixteen (16) of the sixty-nine (69) airmen killed at "the Ridge" (along with family for all six (6) civilians who died there as well) and family for one (1) of the six (6) military personal killed at Camp Utopia. Also it appears, on paper any ways, that this year's service is going to be the biggest one yet.

Both Pennfield Ridge Air Station and Camp Utopia will have former Veterans in attendance along with many family members. Also representatives from the local, provincial and federal governments have been invited to attend and several have confirmed their attendance. For the most part now everything is over with but the counting down of the days until the Memorial Service arrives on September 27th.

Also I want to thank my wife Sheri for her love and support over the past six (6) months. Putting together an event as large as this would not have been possible without her help.

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  1. I appreciate the thanks Christian and I'm happy I was able to help in any way that I could. I do congratulate you hugely on your efforts, as I have seen first hand the hard work that it takes to go into this kind of project. Cheers & I look forward to being a part of this years service! xo